My dad handed me another box as we continued unloading the moving truck. This was me and Jenny’s seventh move in ten years of marriage. Thankfully, this move was different from previous moves. We were finally in it together. After four years of restoration and healing, our marriage finally felt safe and stable. We were a team. 


Most of the previous moves, some across state lines, were driven by an obsession on my part to pursue a great spiritual calling I was convinced the Lord had in store for me. Nearly everyone in my life – my wife, family members, friends, and pastors – tried to warn me against the reckless decisions I was making as I followed what I thought was the Lord’s voice from one destination to the next. They saw what it was doing to my character, my marriage, my career, and my finances. But I was unreachable. Following the high calling of the Lord requires sacrifice and always evokes family opposition, I reasoned. This is part of taking up my cross.


Now, reflecting on those wasted years and the trauma they caused my family, I felt remorse. But the larger emotion I felt was gratitude for the Lord and the loved ones whose counsel I once confidently rejected. Had it not been for their prayers and forgiveness, not only would I likely be divorced and spiritually lost, but I also wouldn’t have these two little daughters, twenty months and two months old. Even though I was still in deep debt from all my foolish decisions, I felt like a rich man. I put the moving box down for a moment, looked at my dad, and said, “I wish I didn’t wait so long to start a family. I just didn’t know what I was missing.”


About This Book

This is the second book in a two-book series. The first book, Lessons from a Near Divorce, covered marriage and sexuality. This second book covers parenthood and intergenerational relationships. 


Much of what I wrote in this book I learned through my mistakes. For several years, I badly mistreated my wife, rejected counsel from my parents, in-laws, pastors, and friends, and nearly destroyed my marriage. I discuss bits and pieces of my testimony throughout. After I repented, through scripture, the Lord began showing me how He views my marriage, my children, my parents, and other spiritual influencers in my life. He taught me how the enemy attacks these relationships and how to overcome him. He taught me principles for how to protect and nurture them.


In addition, the book addresses several topics not directly connected to my personal journey, but are nevertheless related to the overall themes of parenthood and intergenerational relationships.


All scripture quotations are from the NASB version unless otherwise stated. This is an important point because some of the passages I quote or cite are worded quite differently in other versions, sometimes even saying the opposite of what the NASB states. Therefore, when checking any quotations or citations for accuracy, I strongly recommend using a literal word-for-word translation such as NASB, NKJV, KJV, or YLT rather than popular thought-for-thought translations, or interpretations, which leave far more room for translators to insert their own views and doctrines into the text.


This book is available free of charge through my website, If you benefit from this and other books/papers/articles I’ve written, please consider supporting my work with a donation through my website. Regardless of whether you donate, thank you sincerely for taking the time to read my work.